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Managing Microsoft Teams

Course Number: MS-700T00
Days: 4
Price: $2,395.00


Course Description

In this course, you will learn about various Teams management tools, security and compliance feature for Teams, network requirement for Teams deployment as well as different Teams settings and policies for managing collaboration and communication experience in Teams. You will learn about Teams architecture. Specifically, you will learn about the integration between Microsoft Teams and various workloads and services in Microsoft 365. You will learn about security and compliance features for Teams, including conditional access, MFA, Threat, alerts, DLP policies, eDiscovery, and information barrier policies.



Participants should be familiar with basic administration of Microsoft 365 before attending this course.


Course Topics

Module 1: Get started with managing Microsoft Teams
Module 2: Implement security and compliance for Microsoft Teams
Module 3: Prepare the environment for a Microsoft Teams deployment
Module 4: Manage chat, teams, channels, and apps in Microsoft Teams
Module 5: Manage meetings and virtual events in Microsoft Teams
Module 6: Manage calling in Microsoft Teams