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Microsoft 365 Administrator

Course Number: MS-102T00
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

This course is designed for network professionals that are responsible for managing their Microsoft 365 environment. This course covers Microsoft 365 tenant management, Microsoft 365 identity synchronization, and Microsoft 365 security and compliance. In Microsoft 365 tenant management, you learn how to configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, including managing user accounts and licenses, security groups, and administrative roles. You then learn how to configure Office client connectivity and installation of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise deployments. The course then transitions to an in-depth examination of Microsoft 365 identity synchronization, with a focus on Azure Active Directory Connect and directory synchronization options. As the course transitions to Microsoft 365 security management, you begin examining the common types of threat vectors and data breaches facing organizations today. You then learn how Microsoft 365’s security solutions address each of these threats. You then learn how to manage the Microsoft 365 security services, including Exchange Online Protection, Safe Attachments, and Safe Links. Once you have an understanding of Microsoft 365’s security suite, you then examine the key components of Microsoft 365 compliance management such as key aspects of data governance, including data archiving and retention, Microsoft Purview message encryption, and data loss prevention (DLP).



Before taking this course, students should have strong networking background and be comfortable with topics such as TCP/IP, DNS, and Active Directory.


Course Topics

Module 1: Configure your Microsoft 365 tenant
Module 2: Manage your Microsoft 365 tenant
Module 3: Implement identity synchronization
Module 4: Explore security metrics in Microsoft 365 Defender
Module 5: Manage your security services in Microsoft 365 Defender
Module 6: Implement threat protection by using Microsoft 365 Defender
Module 7: Explore data governance in Microsoft 36
Module 8: Implement compliance in Microsoft 365
Module 9: Manage compliance in Microsoft 365