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Desktop Support Technician I - Hardware and Networking

Course Number: DCATT308
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

In this course, desktop support professionals will learn how to install and troubleshoot computer components such as memory, hard drives, BIOS settings, and device drivers. Participants will also learn how to configure and troubleshoot laptop computers and learn the basics of networking hardware, protocols, and troubleshooting.



Participants should be comfortable using a computer before taking this course.


Course Topics

Module 1: Protecting yourself and your PC
Module 2: Overview of System Components
Module 3: Motherboards
Module 4: Processors
Module 5: Memory
Module 6: BIOS and UEFI
Module 7: Storage
Module 8: Input/Output Devices
Module 9: Ports and Connectors
Module 10: Working with Laptop Computers
Module 11: Maintenance & Troubleshooting Tips
Module 12: Networking Fundamentals
Module 13: Introduction to TCP/IP
Module 14: Wireless Networking
Module 15: Troubleshooting Networking Issues