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Secure Web Application Coding in Java (OWASP Top 10)

Course Number: DCATT422
Days: 3
Price: $3,195.00


Course Description

This 3-Day instructor-led course provides a hands-on approach for developers to learn the most common web application security flaws found in applications today. This course takes a hands-on approach to learning the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 security flaws where participants see the flaw first hand, then learn how to write secure code in Java to prevent the flaw.



Before attending this course students should be familiar with basic coding strategies in Java.


Course Topics

Module 1: Security Basics & Terminology
Module 2: OWASP Top Ten - A1 Injection
Module 3: OWASP Top Ten - A2 - Broken Authentication
Module 4: OWASP Top Ten - A3 - Sensitive Data Exposure
Module 5: OWASP Top Ten - A4 - XML External Entities (XXE)
Module 6: OWASP Top Ten - A5 - Broken Access Control
Module 7: OWASP Top Ten - A6 - Security Misconfiguration
Module 8: OWASP Top Ten - A7 - Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
Module 9: OWASP Top Ten - A8 - Insecure Deserialization
Module 10: OWASP Top Ten - A9 - Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Module 11: OWASP Top Ten - A10 - Insufficient Logging & Monitoring
Module 12: Web Application Security Beyond The Top Ten
Module 13: Common Software Security Weaknesses - Input Validation
Module 14: Security Features of Java
Module 15: Working with Errors
Module 16: Code Quality
Module 17: Secure Coding Principles
Module 18: Additional Resources