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Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)

Course Number: DCATT305
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

The ISSO course is a 5-day course that exposes students to the wide range of information system security topics and helps them gain the knowledge needed to oversee the security of an organization. The course provides a number of key security topics such as risk management, cryptography, access control, network security, and disaster recovery.



Before taking this course students should have a working knowledge of computers and the basics of networking.


Course Topics

Module 1: Security Governance Through Principles and Policies
Module 2: Personnel Security and Risk Management Concepts
Module 3: Business Continuity Planning
Module 4: Laws, Regulations, and Compliance
Module 5: Protecting Security of Assets
Module 6: Cryptography and Symmetric Encryption
Module 7: PKI and Cryptographic Applications
Module 8: Security Models, Designs, and Capabilities
Module 9: Vulnerabilities, Threats, and Countermeasures
Module 10: Physical Security
Module 11: Secure Network Architecture and Components
Module 12: Secure Communications and Network Attacks
Module 13: Managing Identity and Authentication
Module 14: Controlling and Monitoring Access
Module 15: Security Assessment and Testing
Module 16: Managing Security Operations
Module 17: Preventing and Responding to Incidents
Module 18: Disaster Recovery Planning
Module 19: Investigations and Ethics
Module 20: Software Development Security and Application Attacks