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Introduction to Computer Forensics

Course Number: DCATT304
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

This 5-day hands-on, instructor-led course teaches IT professionals and security professionals about methods used to perform a computer forensics investigation, also known as a high-tech investigation. Students will learn how to acquire and analyze digital evidence involving drives, email, mobile devices, and the network. Students will also learn how to report on their findings.



Before attending this course students should have a working knowledge of networks and computers.


Course Topics

Module 1: Introduction to Computer Forensics and Investigation
Module 2: Setting up a Forensics Lab
Module 3: Data Acquisition
Module 4: Processing Crime and Incident Scenes
Module 5: Working with Windows Systems and CLI Systems
Module 6: Current Digital Forensics Tools
Module 7: Linux and MAC File Systems
Module 8: Recovering Graphic Files
Module 9: Digital Forensics Analysis and Validation
Module 10: Virtual Machine Forensics, Live Acquisitions, and Network Forensics
Module 11: Email and Social Media Investigations
Module 12: Overview of Mobile Device Forensics
Module 13: Introduction to Cloud Forensics
Module 14: Overview of Report Writing and Expert Testimony