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Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures

Course Number: DCATT301
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

Ethical hacking is the concept of learning hacking techniques for defensive purposes. This 5-day instructor-led course teaches IT professionals and security professionals about methods hackers are using to compromise systems and networks and how to countermeasure those methods.



Before attending this course, students should have a good understanding of TCP/IP, DNS, and Windows Server.


Course Topics

Module 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Legal Considerations
Module 2: Cryptography Overview
Module 3: Planning and Scoping
Module 4: Information Gathering
Module 5: Scanning and Enumeration Techniques
Module 6: Vunerability Scanning and Analysis
Module 7: System Attacks and Exploits
Module 8: Exploiting Wireless Networks
Module 9: Exploiting Application Vulnerabilities
Module 10: Post-Exploitation Tasks
Module 11: Tools Used To Perform Assessment
Module 12: Report Creation and Communication