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Introduction to Android Programming

Course Number: DCATT203
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

In this instructor-led, hands-on, five-day course participants will learn how to create Android applications by developing activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers for the Android platform. Students will first learn how to create activities using views, layouts, dialogs, and menus. Next, they will learn about intents, broadcast receivers, and services. Coverage of data storage is next with chapters on preferences, files, SQLite, data adapters, and content providers. Finally, the course ends with coverage of location-based services and application publishing.



Before attending this course students should be familiar with programming in Java.


Course Topics

Module 1: Overview of Android Development
Module 2: Creating Activities
Module 3: Working with Resources
Module 4: Views and Event Handlers
Module 5: Working with Layouts
Module 6: Understanding Fragments
Module 7: Using Dialogs
Module 8: Adding Menus
Module 9: Intents and Broadcast Receivers
Module 10: Services
Module 11: Notifications
Module 12: Data Storage: Preferences and Files
Module 13: Data Storage: SQLite Database
Module 14: DataAdapter Views
Module 15: Implementing Content Provider
Module 16: Accessing Contacts and Other Android Providers
Module 17: Location-Based Services
Module 18: Publishing An Application