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Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) Certification

Course Number: DCATT113
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

The Cisco Certified Technician (CCT) course covers the skills needed to support and maintain Cisco routers, switches, and operating environments. Participants will learn to identify Cisco router and switch models, accessories, cabling, and interfaces; understand the Cisco IOS Software operating modes and identify commonly found software; and be able to use the Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI) to connect and service Cisco routers and switches. The Cisco CCT is considered a prerequisite for the Cisco CCNA.



Students should have knowledge of configuring Windows systems before taking this course.


Course Topics

Module 1: Networking Fundamentals
Module 2: OSI Reference Model
Module 3: TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Module 4: IPv4 Addressing Basics
Module 5: Subnetting (Bonus Content)
Module 6: Cisco Device Basics
Module 7: Cisco IOS Basics
Module 8: Cisco Device Management