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VMware vSphere 6.7 Optimize, Upgrade, Troubleshoot

Course Number: DCATT111
Days: 5
Price: $3,895.00


Course Description

This powerful 5-day class provides an in-depth look at vSphere 6.7. In this course, cover how to deploy vSphere 6.7, how to optimize it – including VMs, ESXi hosts, vCenter Server Appliance, networking and shared SAN storage… with the goal of delivering both scalability and performance. We will also show you how to diagnose, isolate and fix common problems. All of Web Client, Host Client, and command line tools are all used to explore, configure, update, investigate and zero in on performance bottlenecks and to find and fix trouble spots. Up to 45% of class time is devoted to labs so concepts, skills and best practices are developed and reinforced.



This is not a beginner level course. Attendees should have experience installing and configuring and administering vSphere 5.x or 6.x components including ESXi, vCenter server or vCenter Server Appliance.


Course Topics

Module 1: Install, Configure and Secure ESXi 6.7 (Hands-on Lab)
Module 2: Virtual and Physical Networking (Hands-on Lab)
Module 3: Advanced Virtual Networking (Hands-on Lab)
Module 4: Connecting to NAS Shared storage (Hands-on Lab)
Module 5: Virtual Hardware and Virtual Machines (Hands-on Lab)
Module 6: vCenter Server and Web Client (Hands-on Lab)
Module 7: Virtual Machine Rapid Deployment (Hands-on Lab)
Module 8: Upgrade ESXi hosts, VMs with VMware Update Manager (Hands-on Lab)
Module 9: Connecting to Fibre & iSCSI Shared Storage (Hands-on Lab)
Module 10: Understand and Use Raw Device Maps (Hands-on Lab)
Module 11: Working with VMFS Filesystems (Hands-on Lab)
Module 12: Storage Profiles (Hands-on Lab)
Module 13: Storage Load Balancing with SDRS Clusters (Hands-on Lab)
Module 14: VM VMotion, Storage VMotion Migration (Hands-on Lab)
Module 15: HA Cluster CPU/Memory Resource Mgt. (Hands-on Lab)
Module 16: VMware Fault Tolerance (Hands-on Lab)
Module 17: Scalable Networking with Distributed vSwitches (Hands-on Lab)