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Managing TCP/IP Networks

Course Number: DCATT105
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

This 5-day instructor led course teaches participants the details of IP addressing and network services such as DHCP and DNS.



Before attending this course participants should be comfortable with how to use a Windows systems.


Course Topics

Module 1: Overview of TCP/IP
Module 2: Understanding Numbering Systems
Module 3: IPv4 Addressing
Module 4: Configuring IPv4
Module 5: TCP/IP Protocols and Network Communication
Module 6: IPv4 Subnetting and VLSM
Module 7: How IP Routing Works
Module 8: Understanding Name Resolution (DNS)
Module 9: Configuring DHCP Services
Module 10: TCP/IP Applications and Utilities
Module 11: Introduction to TCP/IP Security Protocols
Module 12: Introduction to IPv6