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SQL Server Integration Services

Course Number: 55321
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

The SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) course provides a comprehensive overview of SSIS, a powerful data integration and workflow application platform for SQL Server. Students will learn to use the Import/Export Wizard, work with solutions and projects, understand basic control flow, and explore common tasks. The course delves into data flow sources, destinations, transformations, dynamic package creation, containers, troubleshooting, and package reliability. Additionally, students will learn how to deploy to the SSIS Catalog, install and administer SSIS, and secure the SSIS Catalog. Throughout the course, hands-on labs help students gain practical experience and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.



Participants should have an understanding of databases and have taken the Introduction to SQL Databases course before taking this course.


Course Topics

Module 1: SSIS Overview
Module 2: Working with Solutions and Projects
Module 3: Basic Control Flow
Module 4: Common Tasks
Module 5: Data Flow Sources and Destinations
Module 6: Data Flow Transformations
Module 7: Making Packages Dynamic
Module 8: Containers
Module 9: Troubleshooting and Package Reliability
Module 10: Deploying to the SSIS Catalog
Module 11: Installing and Administering SSIS
Module 12: Securing the SSIS Catalog