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Windows PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking

Course Number: 55039
Days: 5
Price: $2,895.00


Course Description

This five-day instructor-led is intended for IT professionals who are interested in furthering their skills in Windows PowerShell and administrative automation. The course assumes a basic working knowledge of PowerShell as an interactive command-line shell, and teaches students the correct patterns and practices for building reusable, tightly scoped units of automation.



Before attending this course students should be familiar with the basics of managing a Windows system.


Course Topics

Module 1: Tool Design
Module 2: Start with a Command
Module 3: Build a Basic Function and Module
Module 4: Adding CmdletBinding and Parameterizing
Module 5: Emitting Objects as Output
Module 6: An Interlude: Changing Your Approach
Module 7: Using Verbose, Warning, and Informational Output
Module 8: Comment-Based Help
Module 9: Handling Errors
Module 10: Basic Debugging
Module 11: Going Deeper with Parameters
Module 12: Writing Full Help
Module 13: Unit Testing Your Code
Module 14: Extending Output Types
Module 15: Analyzing Your Script
Module 16: Publishing Your Tools
Module 17: Basic Controllers: Automation Scripts and Menus
Module 18: Proxy Functions
Module 19: Working with XML Data and JSON Data
Module 20: Working with SQL Server Data